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King David Missions, Inc King David Missions, Inc

Church Mission, Vision, & Mandate Church Mission, Vision, & Mandate

King David Missions declares it is an “open arms, open door” congregation. Any person, regardless of nationality, race, color, creed, religious or political persuasion, is welcome to fellowship with King David Missions at any of its regular worship services, Bible studies or other church occasions.

The primary mission and purpose of the union of this congregation is to aggressively, with all diligence, advance the Kingdom of God by fulfilling the commission of Christ given to His apostles, and incumbent upon every generation of His church, to promote and further the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus by exclusively providing apostolic religious, charitable, and/or educational services through example, love, obedience, and servitude. (1 Peter 5:2,3).

FURTHER, KDM's mission is:

  1. To inspire individuals to seek salvation through grace and obedience to the commandments of God
  2. To ordain qualified ministers and servants in the congregation according to the Divinely-revealed pattern for the purpose of furthering the primary purpose of the church
  3. To raise up local churches of converted, baptized, Holy Spirit filled believers as God adds to His church through His calling (Matt 11:28; John 4:35; Acts 2:47)
  4. King David Missions (KDM ENTERPRISES, INC) recognizes there are many different functions within the ministry (servants) of the church, including, but not limited to apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, helps, governments, bishops, elders, ministers, and deacons. All these appendages and members of the Body of Christ are to be utilized to further the gospel, to stimulate the Body into increased maturity and wisdom, to build up a spiritual temple that reflects the Image of Christ and to aid the body of believers, spiritually, emotionally, physically and charitably as necessary and fitting within the confines of the Holy Scriptures, good stewardship and in agreement with the Holy Ghost.
  5. To establish and maintain such organizations for the youth of the church as expedient and required, such as Sabbath schools, field trips, sports, arts, and strive to provide for the youth of the church as many programs and activities as are possible within the church’s financial and physical means

KDM's Vision:

King David Missions is a caretaker of peoples. We must care for, love, protect, provide for, carry, and improve them, and meet their needs by and through the power of God. Specifically, the Lord has entrusted Woodbine, NJ to KDM. We believe this to be a stepping stone to greater ministry. As such, KDM aspires to:

  1. Heal all manner of sickness and disease
  2. Raise the dead
  3. Cast out all devils
  4. Circulate the gospel of the Kingdom of God & the message concerning Jesus Christ one house, one family at a time, being careful to recognize the son of peace.
  5. Evangelize
  6. Raise up leaders that are Christ like, and send them out.
  7. Produce churches.
  8. Reach thousands.
  9. Reach nations.
  10. Manifest great healings and deliverance.
  11. Glorify God.


  1. Always believe and love God, His Son, His Holy Spirit, and love one another (his people).
  2. Have unyielding faith in God, in His Son, and in the Holy Spirit
  3. Abide in Jesus, God’s Word.
  4. Keep God’s Words.
  5. Do, at minimum, with a pure heart, the works that Jesus did while He walked and worked on earth, and possibly exceed his works, because he ascended to His Father.
  6. KDM must be different--revolutionary, (non-traditional) following steadfastly after the doctrine, life, and works of Jesus Christ, as witnessed and approved by God, our Father, and taught by the Holy Spirit, and the apostles.
  7. KDM must show the peoples Christ, by following Jesus’ example, not being self-willed or indulgent, but solely guided by the unction, power, and plan of God.