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King David Missions, Inc King David Missions, Inc

KDM History KDM History

King David Mission was spoken into existence September 1997 as founders, Mother (Prophetess) Ruth M. Bolding and Missionary Kim R. Tangree, with the prayers and support of Missionary Davette M. Battle, sought the Lord for spiritual direction regarding the assembly of the saints that felt God was compelling them to branch into new territories of ministry. After much inquiry and intercessory prayer, the Lord impressed to begin cottage fellowship from home to home. On October 11, family and friends met in the apartment of former Vice-President Elizabeth “Beth” Tirado and Demetrius Tirado to conduct the first “Cottage Service.” For the next two months we gathered at one another’s homes for Praise & Worship, Devotion and Bible Study. In November 1997, Missionary Margot Tirado offered a rental property in Sicklerville, New Jersey to our small group. Later, Missionary Darlene Durham generously continued to permit us to meet at 35 Vernon Court, Sicklerville weekly, in spite of the impositions upon herself and children. She freely gave her own food, labor and supplies without complaint.

In April of 1998, we purchased a van to assist in the transporting of the saints, visitors and supplies. We bounced over the road, seemingly hitting every pothole in sight. The oohs and ahs from the elderly were testaments to their willingness to endure joint discomfort during the extended travel. Several members traveled 2—1/2 to 3 hours to assemble Sabbath.

In the process of time, it became evident that we needed a larger permanent “home” for the mission. Again, many hours were spent in prayer and meditation to God for revelation regarding the location and future of our organization. Then in February 1999, the Lord directed Missionary Tangree to go to Woodbine after work. He then, in a series of statements of rights and lefts led her to Lincoln Avenue where a small Ukrainian church was listed “For Sale”. Thirty-six organizations or individuals inquired about the site. However, the Lord handpicked it for our little group—Thank You Jesus. On April 26th of the same year we acquired this facility, located at 717 Lincoln Avenue with a minimal deposit, two co-signers (Mother Bolding & Sis. Leah Henderson) and small monthly payments. The Lord stretched our $17,000.00 savings to cover over $50,000.00 of repairs in 11 months. Much labor, sweat, prayer, time and dedication has been exhausted to bring the dilapidated, abandoned church out of ruin into its current humble state. Many freely dedicated their time, labor, goods, and services to this project. We thank all those who the Lord sent to assist us in our endeavor. They have been a Godsend repeatedly. Pastor James Thomas has proven to be a true brother and friend in Christ. He did not discriminate against us because we were initially comprised of only women and children. When others would ridicule and even predict our doom, he provided spiritual counsel and encouragement through the years. We have found none like him. KDM also extends special gratitude to Frank Sudan, Jerome Taylor, Charles Austin and Ivan Tangree. They spent hours, days, and months laying tiles, carpeting, painting, building stairs, fixing roofs, creating walls and closets, replacing pipes, supplying blocks and materials, hanging fixtures, installing appliances, and many other tasks in difficult and at times unbearable circumstances. Most, if not all of their labor was conducted free of charge or at greatly reduced rates. Let King David Missions always remember that these men who are average community citizens, unaffiliated with any church blessed us in ways that religious and church attending brothers and leaders did not and/or would not. King David Missions must never judge according to the outward appearance, for the Lord uses whom he will, when he will, for what he will and judges according to the heart. In addition, Ruben and Demetrius Tirado, Kenneth Battle and the KDM children have played major parts in this mission, painting and rendering their services. We had countless well-wishers, and even some nay-sayers and scoffers. Yet, we thank God for both, as our faith has been increased dramatically from the experience. We count it a blessing and privilege from God to be able to pray, praise, study and fellowship without reserve or mental anguish.

King David Mission has been divinely placed in Woodbine to help the hurting, nourish the neglected, welcome multiculturalism and most importantly spread the truth regarding the Word of God, the Holy Ghost and the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. We cherish the opportunity we have to “Be Different” as we are not a “traditional” church or congregation. We are here as beacons of light to demonstrate the power and authority of Jesus Christ, to spread his gospel in word and deed, through faith and obedience. We will continue to cross the barriers of race, generation, economics and denominationalism. People are seeking more than what traditional religion offers. They want to know God and the power of his might and resurrection. They are hungry and thirsty for RIGHTEOUSNESS, not Hymn #341. They need answers in the time of trouble, healing for their sick, and deliverance from spiritual bondage. They need more than a good hot meal, homework help or mentoring program. They need the life changing, saving and keeping power brought by Jesus Christ and now administered through the Holy Ghost. It is free to all, and for this reason, we will serve every willing soul without discrimination. Jesus, as the Chief Shepherd has masterfully led and kept this flock. We know with all confidence and assurance that He is preparing a vessel of honor to lead our congregation. We ask you to pray with us as we continue to wait upon the promise and counsel of the Lord. ~09/2001


In May 2005, KDM ordained its first Elder, John F. Kennedy of Millville, NJ. Elder Kennedy’s driving force was most prevalent during praise service. Some of his most notable contributions are his assistance in the re-writing of the church by-laws, his teachings about the Hebrew name of God/Jesus, and his role as “Counsel” during KDM role-playing sessions of Bible Court. Elder Kennedy’s ability to search the scriptures pressed all to study the Word, and to know and understand it personally.

On June 24, 2006, God deemed it the proper season to bless KDM with a Pastor after years of seeking, inquiring, and waiting for the Lord's direction. Elder Ken Battle and his wife, Evangelist Davette Battle were installed as King David Mission's first pastoral team. Bishop James Thomas of Bethel Church of God 7th Day (New Balm) presided over the service. He also confirmed the prophetical anointing in King David Mission, specifically as manifested through Prophetess Kim Tangree and highlighted its function and influence in conjunction with the newly appointed pastoral ministry. Pastor and Evangelist Battle and Prophetess Tangree were presented to the congregation as leadership and the congregation presented as the flock of God to be loved, fed, protected, and honored as the inheritance of the Lord.

In October 2006 King David Missions (KDM Enterprises, Inc) mortgage was paid off in seven years, eight years ahead of schedule. Please continue to pray with us, as our congregation grows. It is again evident that we need to increase our KDM home. Plans are being discussed on the size, capacity and finance. Of course, we again are seeking for divine revelation in this matter. We look forward to the continued move of God as we dedicate ourselves to the advancing of His Kingdom. ~01/2007

The summer of 2007 brought revitalization to KDM’s interior. New carpeting, pew covers, and verticals were installed. The fall will bring additional interior upgrades, including new blinds for fellowship hall, bathroom remodeling & roof replacement. Finally, plans are presently being drawn to add additional sanctuary space, a baptistery, classrooms, storage, and two restrooms. Your continued prayer and support is requested as we journey further in Kingdom direction. ~10/2007

In May 2011,KDM purchased 725 Lincoln Avenue, the prior home and property of neighbor, Mr. Jones who was the first to welcome us to the neighborhood.