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You Don't Have To Take Off Your Clothes To Be Sexy You Don't Have To Take Off Your Clothes To Be Sexy

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You Don't Have To Take Off Your Clothes To Be Sexy

Posted by: Kim Tangree on Mon, Jan 29, 2007

You Don't Have To Take Off Your Clothes To Be Sexy

I know I had to write this before 12 am. I woke up this morning with this on my spirit.

Sex has become entirely over-rated and used as a tool to take both men and women down a path of destruction.

Women don't have to take off their clothes or wear little clothing to be sexy. I have seen countless images of everyday women baring breasts, buttocks and skin to promote themselves, or to be noticed. My heart grieves because of the steep decline of self-worth among women. Satan has implanted subliminal messages through pandering using the arts and media to take the world to an all-time low.

Satan wants to strip men and women of their souls by the indulgence of sex and sexual images. As people are inundated with enough soft and hard pornographic images, the consciousness of God is totally lost. Therefore, the awareness of the soulish man is pushed aside and the flesh dominates. As individuals are drawn away of their own lust and enticed, they submit unto the tempter who has no other desire but to do three things: steal, kill and destroy.

I hurt for the women who allow themselves to be used as an instrument of death and destruction for many souls. I believe that low self-esteem pulls women into a need of acceptance, yielding themselves to fit an acceptable image. Beautiful lust-laden women are always acceptable in the world; it is the easiest way to be accepted. But at the end of the day, these women feel cheap, empty and dirty... I know, I was one of them.

I want to say that when one accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour, then the scales are taken off. She will now see that there is hope beyond the strip bars, the cameras and the perverted beings that care only about her body from the neck down. She will feel self-worth and begin to learn the value of self. She will discover talents that were forgotten and hidden. She will come out as a Virtuous Woman..shedding the skin of someone she used to know...a past that seemed so far away.

How To Be Breath Taking Without Taking Off Your Clothes:

1. Fear The Lord: Proverbs 31:30 Says that a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised! That says a lot! The formula of fearing the Lord, will supernaturally get you lots of positive attention!

2. Be Nice and Sweet: Beauty starts from within. Nice goes a long way. Donald Trump just released a book on the "Power of Nice" When you enter a room, people should be happy to see you, because of the positive atmosphere that you set. This will also get you noticed.

3. Take Care of Your Face: Your face is your "storefront" I notice that a lot of women get their hair and nails done and just skip over the entire face! Follow a good skin-care regimen for your face and learn how to use make-up to enhance your already beautiful features!

4. Covering Up is Sexy! Lots of flowing fabrics, less form-fitting clothing and showing less skin is very feminine. This type of dress also adds sophistication to your look and adds an element of mystery, which is entirely sensual.

5. Excellent Speaking Skills You don't have to be a Yale-graduated orator, but learning good grammar and proper English makes people respect you. Absolutely NO PROFANITY. Also, don't be too chatty as it takes away from your soft side.

6. Good Posture Learn how to sit and stand with the utmost femininity and integrity. Straighten your back and pull your shoulders back.

7. Smile and Have a Good Attitude. Look pleasant, smile when you greet people. Have no respect of persons, treat everyone as if they are gonna cut you a million-dollar check. When you make other people feel special, they will treat you special.

Love, Prophetess Mykel Trahan © Copyright 2006. Mykel Trahan Ministries.

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